Sunday, August 26, 2012

Dupe or No Dupe: China Glaze Beach Cruise-r and Under The Boardwalk


Today's Dupe or No Dupe is an interesting and rare one--it's comparing two polishes from the same collection, Beach Cruise-r and Under The Boardwalk from China Glaze's 2012 Summer Neons collection. Two polishes from the same collection couldn't be dupes...could they?

When I got these and the other polishes that I bought from the collection, I couldn't wait to try them on...but was surprised at how close these two looked in the bottle. I figured you'd be able to tell more of a difference on the nail, so I swatched one hand with each color.

First up, let's take a look at Beach Cruiser alone:
China Glaze Beach Cruise-r in the shade

China Glaze Beach Cruise-r in the sun
Next up, let's have a look at Under The Boardwalk, which has more of a creme finish, but is a highly similar purple:

Hmm. These two look pretty darn similar. Not identical, but pretty similar nonetheless...But maybe that's just because of light differences or something between the two hands. So, here's a look at both hands together:

Top hand: Beach Cruise-r. Bottom hand: Under the Boardwalk

Top hand: Beach Cruise-r, Bottom hand: Under the Boardwalk

These two polishes are pretty darned close to one another, too close for one collection, in my opinion. Beach Cruise-r is a shade lighter, and has a more shimmery finish; but otherwise...yeah. If these two polishes were not in the same collection, I'd say it was no big deal that they were so similar, because they are NO DUPE. But in the same collection? Tsk, tsk, China Glaze--tsk, tsk.

Of course, if you like both of these you can certainly justify having both. But if you are on a polish budget like many of us, maybe you only need one of these. If I had to choose, I'd go with Beach Cruise-r cause I love me a little shimmer. :)

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  1. I like the shimmery one, the best. It looks like it might even be a dupe with Sinful colors - Cream Pink from their Neon collection...

    1. Hmmm...I'll try to find that one the next time I'm out and see if I can tell...

  2. I almost feel like someone at ChG couldn't decide to release the shade as a jelly or as a shimmer so they just did both! Great post. I love both of these colors (and own them both!).

    1. Yes, exactly! I do love them but I'm not sure I would have bought them both if I'd known how close they were. Still, I'm glad I have them and I know I'll use them. :)

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    1. Sleepykat! I hit the wrong button and accidentally deleted your post, I apologize. To restate it, you said that you were a sucker for cremes and you preferred Under the boardwalk. You also wondered if these two would work together well for monochromatic nail art. :)

    2. I think that's an interesting question. I did try to do a gradient with the two colors, and they were too close to really tell a difference, it just looked like one color. So, my feeling is that the same thing would happen with other types of nail art. But, you never know...:)


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