Monday, February 4, 2013

Before & After: Hot Chocolate


This week's theme in the Let It Snow! challenge is 'Hot Chocolate'.

I decided I wanted to do my manicure to resemble the surface of the hot chocolate, if you're looking down into the mug. I love dark chocolate, so I started with a base of Orly Buried Alive:

Then, to add some mini-marshmallows into the chocolate, I put a coat of Maya Shindig (Indie alert!), a very pretty glitter topper with satin white and gold squares and hair glitter:

Finally, I wanted to add some wisps of steam coming off of the surface of the hot chocolate, so I stamped some swirlies with Konad White and Bundle Monster plate BM224:

What do you think? I think it's whimsical and fun. And it got me thinking that with different colors, this could make a cool party manicure or Mardi Gras manicure you may see a redux of this before too long!

Thanks for looking, and please check out the other cocoa-licious manicures linked below. :)



  1. OOh.. a Mardi Gras manicure? That sounds like a splendid idea. :)

    I want chocolate now.. *looks around the house* All out. Chocolate...
    The one on the screen has less calories :P

    1. I'm glad you like the idea, cause I did it today, and will be showing it next week! I love how it came out, can't wait to see what you think. Also, I have my half of the Cheeky 40 twinpost ready to go and will publish it this Friday to get us back on track. :)


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