Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Dupe Or No Dupe? Spoiled Pirate's Booty vs. Sinful Colors All About You


I promised you that it would return before month's end, and so it has! I also promised to introduce another new feature this month called 'Fix My Fail', which will be an interactive feature on my facebook page, so stay tuned for that!

But in the meantime, Dupe Or No Dupe returns, and I have an all-drugstore installment today. My drugstore world is slowly getting smaller and smaller since I discovered there seems to be some lack of clarity about whether or not Revlon is involved with animal testing in China. There seems to be no clear answer for this, but Revlon is now selling product in China, and animal testing is actually *required* there for cosmetics, although there do seem to be some cosmetic types that are exempt from this. Revlon hasn't clarified this, and I hope they do (clarify) and I hope that they don't (test on animals).

Anyway, point is, other drugstore brands like Wet n Wild that are definitely cruelty-free play a bigger part in my life when another brand goes to the darkside! So let's return now to the actual dupe-or-no-dupe post. :)

When I recently began re-swatching my polish collection (before my life exploded into a haze of packing boxes and moving madness) I noticed that these two polishes seemed to be awfully similar...Take a look at Spoiled's Pirate's Booty and Sinful Colors' All About You in their bottles:

Spoiled Pirate's Booty vs. Sinful Colors All About You

Both are pretty glitters that consist of mostly gold, with bits of orange thrown in for good measure. Here they both are layered over China Glaze's Budding Romance; can you tell which nails have which polish?

Pirate's Booty vs. All About You
Pirate's Booty vs. All About You...which have which?

What's the verdict? I CALL DUPE. I can't tell them apart in the bottle, in the pictures, or in real life. These are exactly the same as far as my little eyes can detect. Even the formulas were dead-on the same.

So which should you get? Well...these polishes are the same price normally ($1.99), and periodically go on sale at the drugstores such that you can get them for $1. So I'd say, whichever you get on sale first! The other issue I should mention is that Sinful Colors is now owned by Revlon if that controversy matters to you; it seems that Sinful Colors still doesn't test on animals themselves, but are owned by a parent company that does. (If you want more information about my position on these issues, please visit my Cruelty-Free Stance page. )

(Oh, yeah, btw...All About You is on my index and ring fingers, and Pirate's Booty is on my middle and pinkie. :) )

Thanks for taking a look, and Happy Tuesday!



  1. I feel like these two lines have quite a few colors that are dupes for each other haha :P

    1. I agree! Makes you wonder, doesn't it...are they really different lines...hmmm...lol!


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