Friday, February 15, 2013

Before & After: Nubar Iris Dust glitter sammich!


Today I have another manicure from the Flip- Flop February challenge...sort of. Sort of, because I kinda messed up a little bit. The prompt for today is Stamping/Jelly Sandwich...but somehow it made it into my calendar as 'Stamping/Glitter Sandwich'. Not a huge difference, except for the fact that I made my sammich without using jelly polish...I used non-jelly duochrome instead. Bad, bad blogger. :(

However, I really love the colors and the result, so I have to share it anyway! 

Here are the polishes I used, in the order I used them; from left to right, Nubar Iris Dust, Rainbow Polish Pheasant (a clear-based polish with copper, yellow and blue glitters), and Sally Hansen Amber Ruby, from and old, old, old school Nail Prisms release:

Nubar Iris Dust, Rainbow Polish Pheasant, and Sally Hansen Amber Ruby

Here is Iris Dust on its own; it's a rich purple-brown-gold duochrome with a fairly strong color shift: 

Nubar Iris Dust

Aaand, closer up. :)

Then I put on a layer of Pheasant, letting it sit where it lie instead of smoothing or trying to perfect placement (because I think  little randomness looks best in a glitter sammich). Finally, I topped it with Amber Ruby, which is similar to Iris Dust, but different enough to add dimension:

Okay, that's a lot of pictures, lo, but I wanted to try to catch the different colors through the shift. And I realize these colors aren't for everyone, but what can I say, I just love them. I love the way the duochrome shifts over the glitters, I love the metallic tones, and I adore the way the blues just pop out from the rest. Can't you just see these colors on a gorgeous pheasant out in the wild??

Thank you for checking it out, and please take a look at what the other participants did today. :)



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