Saturday, February 9, 2013

Before & After: Abstract budding blooms (Blooming buds?)


The people in my nail group are doing a Flip-Flop February challenge, and they said it's okay for those of us who can't participate every day to still participate when we can. This is my first contribution, and the prompt for today is abstract/plastic wrap--since I've done some plastic wrap lately, I decided to go with abstract.

I started with Zoya Happi. This color was recommended to me by my niece; she knows I don't like pink, but thought this one was really pretty with the peach shimmer that comes out in the polish, and I agree:

Zoya Happi

The peach shows even more than this in person, and I've discovered I like polishes that play with that pink/peach/coral line. :)

I decided this would be a pretty polish to use to make abstract flower buds; the idea was to make the bottom of the nails be abstract versions of the green part of a flower that has just opened up, while the top part would be the flower. To accomplish this, I sponged Whimsical Ideas By Pam Green Thumb on the tops of each nail (except the ring finger, which I did in reverse).  Then, I sponged over this and up a little with A'dor Beauty Supplies Green Apple. This created a cool effect I didn't intend--it looks green at some angles, but at others, it intensified the peach shimmer of the polish, giving it a really cool duochrome effect:

Budding Blooms

Blooming Buds

Soon I'm going to have to try Green apple and Happi together alone to see if maybe I can just create a duochromy-gradient with it. In the meantime, I love my little abstract blooming buds!

Thanks for stopping by, and please check out the other participants' manis, linked below. :)



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