Thursday, March 14, 2013

Before & After: Z is for Zoya FeiFei + Magno Nails O


Today is the last of the Llama Nails alphabet challenge letters for me! I'm finishing one week behind, but OMG, I actually did every single letter, and I'm completely stoked about that!

Now, you may be asking yourself...'Hey Michelle! We don't remember seeing a 'Y' manicure!'. Yeah. ::coughs::

See, what had happened was? I decided it would be a cool manicure to combine with my Cheeky twin post challenge, and forgot that I couldn't post that one until tomorrow. So for the next two days, in my world, I'm going to pretend there was a little time warp-wormhole sort of thing. Hey, who's to say that Y should come before Z anyway? I for one will not be held down by thousands of years of convention! >.>.....<.<.....>.<

On to the manicure! I started with one of my favorite Zoya polishes, the subtle duochrome with the sparkly glass-flecked kick, FeiFei:

Zoya FeiFei...look at those colors...

Zoya Fei Fei slightly blurry to show glass-flecked color differences

Next I decorated it with Magno Nails plate O and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes...I picked a sort of a cosmic-ish image because the polish has a sort of cosmic feel to me:

This shows the duochrome a bit better :)

I love silver with this polish, and I think this starburst pattern works very well with it. Hope you like it too!



  1. Wow!!! This looks amazing. Love the effect of the background color and the design. I find it classy and perfect for everyday wear.

  2. Love the stamping that you did and congrats on doing all the letters! I'm terrible with challenges...I have a nail challenge commitment phobia LOL

    1. I think I have the opposite phobia, lol! I feel like once I take on a challenge, I get a weird burden on myself that I have to see it through or else...or else...idk, maybe the universe might end or something, lol! It makes no sense. I mean seriously, it's not like if I had missed a letter anyone would even know or care! And then I get behind on everything and I get stressed and that is so not what this hobby is supposed to be about, lol. So I need to get over myself, I think...:)

  3. This mani is beautiful, the colors go great together! Don't you just love Pure Ice's Silver Mercedes for stamping? I have a couple other silvers but they seemed to always come out too sheer when stamping. This one is nice and opaque in a single coat. Thanks for sharing!

    Leslie :)

    1. And yes, Silver Mercedes is my favorite silver stampign polish. I also use Barry M Silver Foil when I want a more sparkly or subtle effect, but Silver Mercedes is the gold standard (or, the silver standard, lolol).

  4. On another note, what stamping plate did you use? Thanks again!


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