Friday, March 29, 2013

Review: Ruby White Tips Polish part 1


I recently discovered the indie brand Ruby White Tips, and were bowled over by the polishes--they're the sort of polishes I just adore. I knew I had to own some of the and review them for you, so I jumped at the chance to buy some of these at a reviewer's discount. I went a little overboard because I there were so many I loved and I couldn't narrow it down more than that, lol. I'll show you 3 today, and the rest next time. I'll show each color first and then talk about formula at the end.

The first one I have today is Vernita Green, from her Kill Bill collection. This is a lovely olive green polish with a liberal sprinkle of holographic glitter, and a teeny weenie touch of hair bar glitter for visual interest here and there:

Ruby White Tips Vernita Green, indirect outdoor light

Ruby White Tips Vernita Green, indirect outdoor light

Ruby White Tips Vernita Green, indoor light

I'm biased here for sure, because I just love this sort of green. I love when a polish takes a traditionally masculine shade of green like this and makes it soft and feminine; the holographic glitter definitely accomplishes that. The bits that look like little silver dots in these pictures give off crazy bling with the sun hits; you can see it a bit in the bottom picture. Unfortunately the sun didn't want to play the day I swatched this, but the feel is certainly captured here. :)

Following up on the non-traditional green theme is Lonesome Pine Trails. This is a creamy sage green polish with a soft sprinkle of holographic glitter and again a very tiny addition of bar glitter for visual interest:

Ruby White Tips Lonesome Pine Trails, indirect outdoor light

Ruby White Tips Lonesome Pine Trails, direct sunlight

direct sunlight

Blurred to show holograpic glitter

Direct light

This polish looks amazing in every light, and if it's possible, I might even love this better than Vernita. Okay, maybe not, I don't know, don't pressure me! Please don't make me choose!!! I want both of da pretties!!

Finally for today, there's Man Eater. She mentions on her site that demand for this polish has been hard for her to keep up with, and I completely get why. I'll be honest--I'm not even sure how to describe this one. It is a magic soup of amazesomeness. It has teeny glitter. It has slightly less teeny glitter. It has flakes. Or are they flecks? Hmm--are there occasional tiny glitter shards in there? I'm not sure. It's not quite a jelly, but not really a crelly either...And she doesn't give any clues on the site to make it any less of a mystery. Visual inspection of the polish in the bottle only helps so much. And that's okay--I don't need to know exactly what happened here. All I know is, with all of the stuff that's in it, it could have easily turned into a horrendous nightmare--but it all melds together and comes out looking incredible. Judge for yourself:

Ruby White Tips Man Eater overcast outdoor light

Whoa-oh here she comes

Watch out boys, she'll chew you up

Whoa-oh here she comes

She's a man eater!

I don't know how she did it. I don't need to know. I'm just glad I own it. A gorgeous shade of red with deep texture and depth. It's like a flakie that matured and got a healthy dose of elegant...and I'm in love. :)

Formula on all of these polishes were divine. With so much blingy goodness in them, I expected them to be a bit difficult, but I had no problems whatsoever; they were a pleasure to apply.

If you want a sneak peek of Poppy, one of the polishes I'll be reviewing in the second half of the collection, I used it in some nail art here.

In the meantime, you can find Laura's Etsy store here. Her polishes range from $8.25 to $8.75, and she has a mystery box for $12.75. She also has several charity polishes that I'll be talking more about next time. You can follow Laura on Facebook by clicking here. Of course her polishes are three-free and cruelty-free!

Thanks for taking a look! Xoxox,

(The polishes in this review were purchased with my own money, however, I was given a reviewer's discount in exchange for my 100% honest opinion)

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