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Review: China Glaze Hologlam collection part 2


I'm back with the second half of the polishes I bought from the China Glaze hologlam collection. If you missed the first half of the review, you can get to it by clicking here. :) I originally said I bought 9 of these polishes; I think I was in denial about how many I bought, because it turns out I have 10 of them. Or maybe I just can't count...>.>

All polishes are shown with no basecoat, and one coat of Seche Vite. Formula was great as long as I didn't use basecoat--when I did, I got horrible dragging and ended up having to use three coats to even it out. But without basecoat, all were fine with two thin coats. :)

First up today is Cosmic Dust, which is a light gray polish with a light blue bent to it:

China Glaze Cosmic Dust

China Glaze Cosmic Dust in the shade

This one leaves me a bit 'meh'. It's fine, but nothing really special like some of the others in the collection. However, in an odd ironic shift, I think it's really pretty in the shade when the holo doesn't show as much, and I've included a picture of that here; there is a very slight duochrome feel to it with blue and purple visible. :)

Next, Not In This Galaxy. This is somewhere between a pink and a coral, depending on the light you show it in--for the most part, it's fairly pink, but there is enough coral that comes through that I love it. So I guess that means that I...I...own a pink holo! ::gasps::

China Glaze Not In This Galaxy

Next is Sci-Fly By. This is a medium-light blue with a prominent rainbow. This is a little darker than the typical blues in other main-stream collections, and it's very pretty. I also thought this one was interesting in the shade (they are all fine in the shade, but some are finer than others if you know what I mean!):

China Glaze Sci-Fly By

China Glaze Sci-Fly By

Sci-Fly By in the shade

Next up: Galactic Gray! This is a dark charcoal gray polish with a medium strong holo flash. I wasn't sure how I'd feel about this when I bought it, but I LOVE it. There is something about the texture to it, or maybe it's that the shade of blue in the rainbow goes so well with it. Whatever it is, it just works and although I don't wear much gray, I think I'll be getting some miles out of this:

China Glaze Galactic Grey

China Glaze Galactic Grey

And then we have the bang-pow of Infra-Red, a magenta purple-pink with a medium holo flash. I haven't seen another holo quite like this before; the other purples I've seen are much  more blue-based, and often more on the pastel side. This is bright, summery, and crisp. I love it:

China Glaze Infra Red

China Glaze Infra Red

And then, bringing up the rear with a proud sashay, we have Strap On Your Moonboots. This is a deep slate blue that gives a punch of saturated color; the holographic rainbow was a bit more on the subtle side, more like those in OMG A UFO and When Stars Collide. When I was choosing which to buy from the collection, I had a hard time choosing between this and Take A Trek, and I'm glad I talked myself into getting both. 'Get Both!', said I, and I was right. They're different enough, and for heaven's sake, they're holos. 'Nuff said:

China Glaze Strap On Your Moonboots

Overall, I'm really pleased with this collection. I love getting a set of saturated, jewel-toned holos that have the linear holo in a fairly strong form. The only one of these I could do without is Don't Be A Luna-Tic; a close second is Cosmic Dust. But this isn't because there's anything wrong with them per se; it's just that they are more like the typical holos that are pretty much everywhere. The others feel much more special to me, and speak more to my aesthetic. :)

In terms of the collection as a whole, I like what China Glaze did here (okay, who am I kidding, I love it), but I'm a little surprised by how many blues there were in the collection. I would have lost Don't Be A Luna-Tic or Cosmic Dust and done a forest green or a deep red. But, that's like when the judges on Top Chef send someone home because their dish was only a 9.5 out of 10; it's not a fatal flaw by any means, lol. This collection is so gorgeous and I'm so happy with it. :)

(uh oh...did my reality TV obsession just peek out? ssshhhhhhhh....maybe nobody noticed...I think I got away with it...)

So what do you guys think? Fab or fail?

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  1. So...yeah I am going to have the hubby add another shelf to my polish wall! I m afraid I need all of these!

  2. Galactic Gray is freaking gorgeous. Waaaa though as my store says they won't have them in until "next month". I have been stalking them since I first saw these swatched.

    1. Totally agree! I didn't even expect to like it that much, but it's great. If you absolutely don't want to wait, you can find it at :)

  3. Yeah, Galactic Gray is freaking Gorgeous!
    The rest? I was kinda meh to them.
    Thanks for swatching em all, hun, you're the best!!


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