Sunday, March 17, 2013

Winner: Fix My FAIL!

Hello everyone!

I have the winner of the 'Fix My FAIL' fun-test: It's Rithika from Closet Diva!

Here is the manicure I asked participants to deconstruct and reconstruct:

And here is how she fixed it:

I love that the glequins give it more definition and cause the glitter to pop more than on my manicure; I also think the fact that she used a creme under helps the pop, too.

While there is no prize for the fun-test, the winner gets to be featured on my blog and gets a shout out to her blog, so please take a moment to check out her blog at Ramblings Of A Closet Diva. :)

Also, I didn't get many entrants for this fun-test, so I'd like to ask for feedback. Should I do it again or not? Would people participate if I do it again? Should I give more than one manicure to choose from? More/less time to enter? Or is it just a stupid idea and I should abandon it, lol? Please let me know either in the comments here or by giving me feedback on my Facebook page. .

Thanks for looking,



  1. I love the idea however I do not have facebook so I could not participate.

  2. I don't have Facebook either and don't want to so I couldn't enter but I like the result of who you chose. Please do it again.

    1. Okay, thanks for letting me know...Maybe I'll do one more to see what happens. :)


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