Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Review: China Glaze Hologlam collection, part 1


Today is a happy, happy day.

A few days ago, the China Glaze Hologlam polishes I ordered arrived, and I did a dance of joy. I've been waiting for the polishes since before I even knew they were going to come out; when I first learned about the OMG collection, I hoped beyond hope that China Glaze would put out another collection of holos. Well, to be fair, I tried to tell myself there was no point paying all that money for the OMG because if I was patient, another such collection would come out.

Well, finally it did, and it's all that, and more. Because, as you know, I love my jewel-toned polishes. And this collection gives them to me in beautiful, glorious holos.

These are linear holos, and they're what I'd call medium to medium-strong holos. Not as HOLY WOWZA as Nfu-Oh or Layla, but still proud to show their rainbow.

I didn't buy the whole collection, but I did buy most of it; I splurged and got 9 of them because I had an awesome discount coupon (yay, coupons!). I'll show you 4 today.

First, one of my favorites in the whole collection: When Stars Collide. This is a deep wine-colored purple that is exactly the sort of holo that has been dancing around in my dreams:

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide

China Glaze When Stars Collide
Of course when I swatched this, the sun went into hiding. I waited as long as I could to swatch it, but when I started to see tip-wear, I went ahead and used my light-box. Believe me, the holo is even stronger in direct sunlight. :)

Formula on this, and all of the others, was perfect, as long as I didn't use a basecoat. When I did, I had horrible drag that took three coats to even out. But when I didn't, it went on like butter.

Also like other holos, these are unforgiving, particularly because you don't have a basecoat to hide any flaws. I'll point this out below.

Next up is Don't Be A Luna-Tic. This is pretty, but not particularly unique--all holo collections have this color, pretty much. In fact, I didn't buy a similar one from the Halo Hues because I knew this one was coming out; it's a soft sky-blue holo:

China Glaze Don't Be A Luna-Tic

You can see in this picture what I meant about the unforgiving nature of this polish--if you look at my middle finger, it looks like the polsh chipped and I just painted over it or something. No, what that actually was was a tiny bit of peeling on the nail, so little it was barely detectable by feel. In order to swatch the other polishes, I had to buff it down completely, and even then it was touch and go. So beware--any flaws on your nail will need to be dealt with before wearing these polishes.

Next up, my other top favorite: OMG A UFO. This is a stunning olive green with a smooth, creamy texture:

China Glaze OMG A UFO--Seriously, how gorgggggeous is that?

This and When Stars Collide are the absolute stars (no pun intended) of the collection to me. No accident I chose them for two out of three of my tri-polish challenge colors!

And finally for today, Take A Trek. This is a medium periwinkle blue holo that reminds me of the ocean; of all the polishes from the collection that I bought, this one had the most subtle rainbow:

What do you think so far??

Thanks for taking a look, and I'll be back with more!


(The products in this review were purchased with my own money.)


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    1. I love it so much! Do you guys have CG in the UK?

    2. No, not really. But thank GOD for internet! I get mine from 8ty8beauty, or nailsupplies.


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