Friday, June 15, 2012

TOTD: Embrace Ladybug Diversity


First, because I will be sharing this with fellow challenge participants who might not want to see a thumbnail with feet on it, I will put this image first:

If you hate feet you have now been warned, and it is completely your own fault if you clicked on the link and/or read further! And now I can move on to my pedicure. :)

My group's challenge today was 'Ladybug', and I have a soft spot in my heart for ladybugs...possibly due to the fact that I spent much of my young childhood wondering how their houses had caught fire and what had become of their children. My love of them continued as I planted a rose garden and discovered they feast on destructive aphids, thus helping my flowers to flourish. Along the way, I learned two other interesting facts about ladybugs. One, that ladybugs bite. Google it if you don't believe me; it's not dangerous and they don't bite hard, it's like a teeny weeny pinch you barely feel, and I like to think of it as their way of saying 'Hey, don't forget I'm here and squash me or something, okay?'.  

The second is that ladybugs aren't just red, they also come in yellow, orange, and yellowish-green (greenish-yellow?). Sometimes people don't realize these other colors are also ladybugs, and they kill them thinking they are bad bugs. So I thought I'd raise some Ladybug Diversity Awareness! Love ALL da ladybugs, I say!

My pedicure is simple but shows two ends of the ladybug rainbow:

Don't the little toenails look a teensy bit like ladybugs in the grass? :)

Picture in the light without water on my toes, lol

I used Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, LA Colors Current, and to make the dots, Wet n Wild's Ebony Hates Chris.

Thanks for looking, and don't forget to check out the other bloggers that participated in the challenge, listed below. :)



  1. So cute. I never saw a lady bug pedicure before :)

  2. i really lolled at the warning message ha ha xx

    1. Hey, you guys warned me to warn people, so I figured I'd go big! lol! ;-)

  3. hehe I Lol'd at the warning too! love this kind of humour and the nails are cute!

  4. Have you ever gotten your nails wet and just loved how they looked with water spots on them? I want to know if and how nails could look like they have water on them but last longer.I just think it looks so cool, I just thought of it because your toes were wet.

    1. Yes, I have...Hmmm, there must be some way to get that look with the right application of topcoat. I'll have to play around with that idea and see how it comes out. :)


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