Thursday, June 28, 2012

Test of new Bundle Monster plates (set 301-325)

Hello everyone!

Earlier I posted a video to YouTube showing my initial tests of the new Bundle Monster set that released on June 20th. This video had some sort of voodoo curse put on it--every step of the way everything went wrong and it literally took me 12 hours to shoot and edit. I am not kidding, I wish I were. So I warn you that the quality is not the best, but I put stills at the end of each segment to make sure the images are clearly visible, and I thought it might be useful to post them here, as well.

Here is the video; after that awesome sell job I'm sure you can't wait to watch it, hee hee ;-): 

Here are the still images from my testing:

BM-306, BM-309 (how cute is that owl!!), BM-312; BM-311 (the one I refer to as the 'newspaper nails image'). The smudged lollipop and patchy words are because I had dings on both nails that I didn't notice in time. Seriously, nothing seemed to go right...>.<

BM-301. This is what the image is supposed to look like, it's meant to be a texture image that looks sort of like scrunched up paper. My choice of colors just doesn't make it look pretty. But imagine it in two tones of blue. :)

BM-308, BM-322, BM-319, BM-301. I think this last one one, if stamped from the top down, would make great gradient nails; in fact, right after I posted this, I saw this AWESOME mani using this image, shortly followed by another awesome take on it here. This image has sooo much potential.

My comments: 

The images I tested were requested by viewers who saw my initial review video of these plates (plus one image I threw in because I loved it and thought it was a challenging one), and they were a good sample--some small detailing, some larger areas, etc. Also, in the video, on my left hand you can see the manicure I did using BM309 (shown in my last post)--that was the only other image I had stamped from this set before testing them on video.

While everything seemed to go wrong as I was making this video, from out-of-frame issues to a change in lighting to my video editor eating my sound, the only thing I didn't have a problem with was the stamping plates. The images stamped well, and the only one that gave me any problem at all was the 'newspaper nail' image on plate BM311; the script is very small and very detailed, which means it's gorgeous but you also have to work quickly before the polish dries. My image came out well (except for my dinged patch), but barely. All of the other images stamped beautifully the first time I tried, without fuss. And while I did use a Konad stamper and scraper, I used Sally Hansen (White On) and Wet n Wild (Ebony Hates Chris) polishes to stamp with, and these worked just fine. :)

Based on my testing, I recommend these plates; they are good-quality images. I have not tested every image or even every plate yet, but based on the range of images I did try, I think it's a representative trial run. If there is one you'd like me to test out, let me know and I'll do my best to get you some feedback on it. :)

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(The products in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. Thank you so much for this review. Now I'm even more eager for my own set of plates to arrive :D

    1. You're gonna be doing a happy dance for days...:)

  2. I am loving my plates too! So many fun stamps! I couldn't get my fruit slices to stamp, your's looks awesome! :)

    1. Hmmm...maybe you got a defective one? What polish did you use with it?

  3. Love them all! =)
    I just got my Drk-B plate today! *bliss*
    Gonna play with it tomorrow as soon as I come back from work. Can't wait! Have you seen it already?

    1. I've seen it, but haven't gotten my little paws on it yet...*pouts* (lol)

  4. I love your review, thanks for the mention,
    I loooove this plate set. I have tried all the images on 301 and they stamp perfectly
    Lol I made it a personal challenge to try them all

    1. Thank you thank you! I'm also not having any problem with them, and I'm in love with them. Gonna go stamp something from them on my orange nails post for today. :)

  5. Upside down, your cute owl looks like a googly-eyed pirate :)


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