Monday, June 11, 2012

NOTD: MSMD Duochrome gradient!


For my MSMD manicure this week, I was inspired by a nail artist whose work I adore, Laurie of Dressed Up Digits. I have drooled over her manicures for some time now, particularly her gradients...but one of my very most favoritests of them all is this duochrome gradient. Wait, ME interested in something to do with duochromes?! I know it's hard to believe, but it's true. :P It was really only a matter of when I got brave enough to try it myself, not if.

The other day, Nubar's Wildlife came in the mail. I've been wanting it for several months, and I finally got it...and it was worth the wait. I put it on and stared lovingly at it...and then realized it reminded me of something. Not a dupe, but something in the same family. And before long it came to me: OPI's Just Spotted The Lizard.

Here is Just Spotted The Lizard:

OPI Just Spotted The Lizard

And here is Nubar Wildlife:

Nubar Wildlife

As you can see, JSTL is lighter, with less green and less brown. It has much more gold than Wildlife does. They are similar, but different enough that I began to dream of what a gradient with the two of them would look like. So I did it, and here it is, with Wildlife at the tips and JSTL at the base of the nails:

Gradient of Nubar Wildlife and OPI Just Spotted The Lizard in the sunlight

And in the pretty is that!

Shot 1 of 3 that attempt to show the shift in sequence

2 of 3...

...and 3 of 3.

I think I could have made the line between the two a little more blended, but I do love how this came out, and found myself staring at it throughout the day. My favorite moment was when I was petting one of my kitties, and looked down to see this:

The gradient atop my Sephy's gorgeous fur :)

Of course I had to stop petting her to take a picture of it, which I assure you annoyed her NO END.

And also of course, after wearing it for a day, I had to stamp on it. I wanted to reverse the light/dark effect by stamping a lighter polish at the tips (Sally Hansen Insta-Dry's Silver Sweep), and a darker one at the base (China Glaze Awaken). I used Shany plate 18:

This one's a little bit blurry because when I replicated the backdrop the next day, she wasn't falling for it a second time. Luckily, I have fast fingers. :)

I was really pleased with how this came out and can't wait to try this with some other duochrome gradients. My thanks to Laurie for giving me the confidence that it could be done!

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