Tuesday, June 19, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Color Club Wild At Heart + Dandy Nails Colorblind2


Today I have a simple, fun before & after for you. I love Color Club's Wild At Heart, and had an urge to wear it. So I did, for a day. It's a gorgeous deep-purple holo that doesn't just have a typical linear holo effect, it also flashes pink and blue holo along with it:

Wild At Heart in the shade

Wild At Heart in the sun

Some gorgeous holo for ya there :)

It's always hard for me to add anything to a holo, because I'm afraid I'll lose that holographic effect. Some holos are just not cute when the holographic effect doesn't show, so I don't want to cause that to happen. Luckily, Wild At Heart is one of those that is stunning even in the shade. I figured it was safe to play with it a bit, and decided to play up the deep color with a little black-and-white contrast...so I pulled out my newly purchased bottle of Dandy Nails' Colorblind2.

Here's what I ended up with, with one coat of glitter and topcoat:

This glitter does not have any problems settling, no fishing here! It applied like a dream.

For some reason this has a retro 80's feel to me, and reminds me of my childhood. It's fun without being too over-the-top. And the holo still shows through! An easy way to make a fun extension for a mani. :)

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  1. I'm not fond of the black and white combo, especially for manis, but the CC holo is beautiful!!!! Rich and deep! Love it!
    Plus your nails have the shape I like! Really pretty! =)

    1. It is definitely one of my favorite holos, I've been thinking about getting a back-up bottle of it. And thanks about my nails--I broke my index and middle finger about two months ago and have been trying to grow them back, but they keep peeling and splitting, argh. It's nice to finally have them at a place where they look decent!


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