Saturday, September 8, 2012

Review: Cheeky Summer 2012 Nail Plates


I got my Cheeky Summer 2012 Nail Plates 2 days ago, and I couldn't wait to show them to you. First, here is the video that I made which shows the plates and the packaging if you prefer to see them in video and hear my silly reactions, lol:

Next I'll show you pictures of the packaging and plates, and finally, I'll write my thoughts at the end. If you want to see the test manicure I did, you can find it by clicking here.

The plates came packaged in a cute little box that serves as storage for the plates, which is good, because they're a bit bigger than the standard size stamping plate. But that's good, because it means the full-nail designs are larger!

Outside of packaging

Inside view of box
 The set also comes with a plastic card, like a credit card, which can serve as an 'emergency scraper'. All of the plates come with blue protective film on them, which comes off easily, and with paper backing to keep the plates from being to sharp and to keep them from moving around too  much.

On to the images!

Cheeky 30: Musical instruments

Cheeky 31: Musical interlude continues

Cheeky 32: Itty Bitty Wittle Monsters!

Cheeky 33: Love the recycling image :)

Cheeky 34: Sports

Cheeky 35: More sports

Cheeky 36: some nautical stuff and some beach-type stuff

Cheeky 37: It's getting hot in heeeere

Cheeky 38: Under da sea!

Cheeky 39: Vegas, Baby!

Cheeky 40: Beauty stuff :)

Cheeky 41: Junk food, anybody?

Cheeky 42: Strawberries and bananas and hot dogs, oh my!

Cheeky 43: Love that snail and that sheep :)

Cheeky 44: Flower garden

Cheeky 45: Space Invaders!

Cheeky 46: Celestial

Cheeky 47: Comic book sounds

Cheeky 48: Love the lightning

Cheeky 49: Arrrrrr, matey!

Cheeky 50: Soft florals

Cheeky 51: Audio/Video

Cheeky 52: Swirls, stars and flames

Cheeky 53: Love is in the air

Cheeky 54: International shopping

Cheeky 55: Shopping

I mentioned earlier that these plates are a bit bigger than standard nail plates, and the images are bigger too. This definitely is a plus for anyone who has trouble with the smaller image sizes that some sets have. Here are two comparisons of a Konad plate and a Cheeky plate:

Cheeky vs. Konad

Cheeky vs. Konad
And finally, my thoughts. I like this set, there are enough images here that I'm excited about to definitely make it worth purchasing; there are many, though, that are a bit cutesy for my taste. Of course, that's my taste, and what's really more important for this review are issues of quality. I found these plates to be etched well, although just a bit deeper than plates like Konad and Mash; this meant I had to adjust a bit when using them. What it means for me is that I have to scrape a bit harder and more thoroughly, and to use a lighter hand when I stamp, to make sure that there is not an excess of polish that squishes outside of the lines. However, it took me about 2 minutes to make that adjustment, so I don't think it should deter you from buying them in the least. There is very fine detailing on some of the images, and this transfers well (see the sun image in my test manicure, linked above). And it bears repeating that the bigger images are nice so that you don't have to worry about fully covering your nails; I'm not sure why manufacturers didn't start making pates and images this size long ago. All in all, this is a good set of plates and well worth the price if there are enough images here that you like. :)

You can purchase the plates directly from Cheeky by clicking here. At posting time, they cost $24.99 for the set.

Thanks so much for taking the time to stop by! Have a great weekend. :)


(the products reviewed in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. Replies
    1. I can't wait until you get yours and we can PLAY!!

  2. I LOVE LOVE LOVE CH32. the little monsters are so you know if Cheeky sells individual plates? I don't need the whole set.

    1. As far as I know, they don't, unfortunately. But you might be able to find a used set for cheap if you watch e-bay...:)

  3. I love the nautical theme on some of the plates! I might need to get these just for that haha :D I'm really glad that companies are starting to come out with bigger images, I always have a problem with stamping my thumb.

    1. I couldn't agree more. The bigger the better-the ones like Drikk and LeaLac that are so huge are great because you can pick which parts of the image you want. Bigger is definitely the way to go!


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