Thursday, September 6, 2012

Haul: Happy Birthday, Part 1!

Hello there!

As you know, I don't do too many haul posts. Usually my polish purchases are more spread out, and sort of boring, so I don't bother. But my birthday was last month, and I decided that what I really wanted was some of the plates and more special polishes I'd been lusting after. So, I bought some for myself, and some came as gifts. I'm so excited to share them, especially since I'll be reviewing many of them, so I thought I'd start the whole thing out by sharing them quickly here first!

This is part one, because some of the stuff is still on its way to there will also be a part two coming soon.

Here's part of what I got:

2 polishes from The Nail Junkie: Snake and Tiger

4 polishes from Hot Topic: and NYX Beach Glitter, Blackheart Beauty Euphoric Bliss (a holo silver glitter) Blackheart Beauty Amsterdam (and a red blacklight polish--get it?? Clever name, lol), and a Manic Panic Purple.

3 Glitter Gal polishes, which I got on sale--Transitions Soft Red and Soft Green, and Daybreak Soft (these might still be on super-sale at Llarowe, run run run!)

The primary colors Migi Nail Art set (if you want more information about what these are, check out my review by clicking here.)

10 plates from Anna's Nail Art, which were on closeout so I don't think you can get them as a set anymore.

Here's a closer-up of the Hot Topic polishes and the Migi Nail Art set:

I will be reviewing the other polishes and the plates in separate posts, so I'll give you closer-ups of those soon.

Thanks for looking!



  1. yay!
    Nice polishes. :)
    The Migi nail art set, what is that? polish?

    1. Yep, it's polish, but in special containers so you can use them like normal polishes or as pens for nail art. I reviewed a set of them a while back, you can take a look here if you are interested:

      Big hugs. :)

  2. Great gifts :). Can't wait to see these in manis :)

    1. Me neither! I've had a few extra things on my plate the last two weeks, so I'm really looking forward to playyyyiiinnngggg!! :)


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