Wednesday, September 19, 2012

Dupe Or No Dupe?: Models Own Pinky Brown and Nubar Moon Eclipse

Hello there!

Today I have both a before & after for you, and a comparison between two polishes that seem fairly similar in their respective bottles.

First up: Models Own Pinky Brown:

Pinky Brown is such a close name--soooo close. It's really more purple brown, but that's not not quite as cute. ;-) This is one of the duochromes from Models Own's Beetlejuice collection, and it has a fairly good duochrome effect going between purple, gold and brown, as you can see here. The finish is a sparkly glass-flecked finish (one of my current favorites).

I also recently purchased Nubar's Moon Eclipse, and when I got the bottle, I was afraid maybe I'd made a mistake and had what was basically a dupe. Here is a picture of Moon Eclipse:

Nubar is certainly similar, but it's importantly different in three ways. First, the colors of the multichrome are a little different. The purple is more vivid, and there is an olive green thrown into the mix, too. Second, this polish has a very smooth finish, with a shimmer; very different from the glittery look of Pinky Brown. And finally, the multichrome effect doesn't persist through as many different types of light as Pinky Brown does--in bright light the polish looks almost completely purple only. So, these are definitely different, although they could be sisters.

So...NO DUPE. :)

I decided to stamp it with Revlon Gold Coin and Cheeky Plate E. I like this combination, and this stamp feels perfect for them...sort of an exotic, rich feel like you'd see embroidered on a beautiful sari. I'd love to have a dress to match this, I must admit!

Thanks for looking. :)



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