Sunday, September 23, 2012

NOTD: Pop Art Cupcakes


Today's challenge in my Adventures In Stamping group is to have someone else pick out the plate or image that you use in today's manicure. My request was met with the answer 'Pop Art', which isn't a plate or an image, but works for me! I've always been intrigued by Warhol's work with the Campbell's soup cans and Marilyn Monroe; the exploration of popular images that capture the world's attention is fascinating to me:

. So, I looked through my images to see what I had that could be considered to play a similar role in today's culture, and I decided on a cupcake! Cupcakes are so popular these days, with cupcake stores, cupcake tables at weddings, and even wedding cakes themselves made out of cupcakes. Plus, this is an image I normally wouldn't use in a manicure, so it seemed a perfect way to challenge myself. Here's what I came up with:

Pop Cupcakes

Pay no attention to the pinkie with that yellow cupcake underneath the red one...

To make this, I used Pure Ice Siren, Pure Ice Silver Mercedes, Sally Hansen's Lightning, Lickety-split Lime, Lively Lilac, Orange Impulse, and Brisk Blue, and Wet n Wild I Need A Refresh-Mint. I stamped using Bundle Monster plates BM-14 and BM-301.

This was a fun manicure to make, and now I can say I have something in common with Andy Warhol. :)

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