Thursday, May 16, 2013

Before & After: Fun with textured polishes and jellies


Guess what? When I did my post on using striping tape with textured polishes, I mentioned that I'd had some fun playing around with textured polishes and jellies. I'm back today to tell you about it...

Remember how I posted about the technique I found on Bee Polished where you can layer a regular polish over a textured polish, and keep the texture? Well, that's awesome and all, but it hides the pretty shiny bits if you're using a polish like the Zoya Pixies, or if you're using a glitter version like some of the Julie G textured polishes. So I thought to myself...what if I use a sheer jelly? Will that change the color of the polish, but let the bling shine through?

Turns out, it will. Let me demonstrate for you. Here we have Julie G Rock Candy:

Julie G Rock Candy

Ooo, aaahhh! Pretty isn't it? But let's say that I decide to wear it the next day, and I'm in a more...teal sort of place. But I don't want to lose the pretty glitter. Well, I've got a bottle of Zoya Frida over here...let's see how that looks over it:

Accent nail to show the color contrast. :)

I love it! It changes the color of the polish without hiding one bit of the blingy glitter. So, let's see how it looks in a full manicure rather than just an accent nail:

Zoya Frida over Julie G Rock Candy

I love it! And this is going to make my glittery textured polishes more versatile. While this is a sheer jelly made for layering, I imagine you can use any sheer polish of the type you'd use for a glitter sandwich and get good results. I'm definitely going to be trying more combinations. :)

Thanks for reading! Peace and love,


  1. Ohh so pretty, I love the effect of this :)

    1. Thank you! So easy to do and so many possibilities. :)

  2. Ohhh Mahhh Gahhh! I really love this! I have to try this out! I did a saran wrap mani with Sugar Rush and OPI Oi Not Another Polish Joke, and it looked really cool. Thanks for the brilliant post :D

    1. Oh man, I did one with Zoya Chyna and it didn't come out so great...I've been trying to decide if I should even post it, lol. I guess I need to keep trying, lol. And thank you, you're so sweet! Now get out of my cabinets. <3

    2. I'm out! I'm under your bed again. I'm using the dust bunnies as pillows. And I want to see the one that didn't turn out! I have a hard time imagining Chyna not looking good.

    3. That's exactly why I leave dem bunnies there!

      Okay, okay, I'll post it...right after my Cheeky 2 post. :)

  3. That's a cool idea. Thanks for sharing. I have Zoya Frida, too.


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