Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Review: InDecisive Nail Lacquer (Black and white and gray all over...)


I'm back today with three more polishes from InDecisive Nail Lacquer! Today I'll be showing you three glitter toppers (sent to me for review), to close out the new glitter toppers in her collection. I'll be back tomorrow to show you something a bit unusual from her collection...;-)

The first two polishes I'll show you are both called 'Speckled', but one is Speckled in black, and one is in white; I'll start off with the black version. This is a glitter topper Aleksandra made trying to  capture the look of a spray of paint splatter. She chose to use small, really small, and ultra-small glitters for the polish (set in a clear base) to achieve that almost-spray type of look, and has managed to create a polish that sets itself apart from other black-only toppers:

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Speckled Black over China Glaze Hanging In The Balance

Macro-ish, because my new camera is now able to do this! 
This is one coat layered over China Glaze Hanging In The Balance (finished with my standard Seche Vite). Once again, I've put the polish on where it lay with a normal brush-stroke; no playing around with it to make it look better. The formula was wonderful--the glitters spread evenly, no fuss, no muss.

While I didn't do this intentionally, this pairing looked just like some sort of beautiful bird's egg, with the pretty blue and the black speckles. I got more compliments on this than on any of the other polishes I wore (and I got compliments on most of them). Even men noticed this pairing and mentioned how pretty it was. :)

Speckled White is the same idea, but made with white glitters instead of black. When I first heard about this polish, before I saw it, I wasn't sure if I'd be impressed with it. There are a lot of white toppers out there--I own two white glitter toppers myownself! But it became clear quickly that this is different from the others I own and have seen in two important ways. First of all, the white glitter is truly white. It isn't pearl or translucent, and because of this, it gives a bold, solid look rather than a more soft ethereal look. Second, as with the black version, the combination of tiny glitters gives a diffused-but-unified look to the glitter; the other toppers I own and have seen have the larger hexes in them (also beautiful, just different. :) ) In her description she says that this polish is good at livening up a polish without distracting from it; I'd go further than that--I think the contrast with the white livens up the base polish and makes it more of whatever it was to start with. Did that makes sense? Probably not, so let me explain, lol. In my pictures below, I have it layered over China Glaze Westside Warrior, and rather than detract from the deep green, the contrast actually seems to  make the base color that much richer and eye-catching:

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Speckled White over China Glaze Westside Warrior

Here again I have one coat, applied with a normal brushstroke only, over the base color, and finished with Seche Vite. I chose to swatch this combination because of the dramatic contrast, but this polish would be lovely over other softer colors, too--I almost put this over a soft peach for you, because that combination was lovely, too. But when I wore this to a BBQ this past weekend, I had someone physically stop me as I walked by to ask me how I'd done this. So I figured this was the one you needed to see. :)

Hey, I think it's time for a joke, don't you? Okay, here's an oldie but a goodie...

Q: What's black and white and red all over?
A: Newspaper!*

Come on, it's a little bit funny...maybe? Well, anyway, Newspaper is a black, white and GRAY glitter topper made up of hexes and squares of various sizes, going from medium-small to extremely-small, all in a clear base. Why did I put gray in caps like that? Because I adore that this polish has gray glitter in it rather than just black and white. I have three black-and-white toppers already, but I 'yay'ed when I saw this because of that gray glitter. I think that along with the lack of bar glitter makes this polish special compared to the standard B/Ws out there--don't get me wrong, I'm one of those few who love bar glitter, but I know most polish-lovers don't, so it has always been a mystery to me why so many of the black-and-white toppers have them. Ah well, c'est la vie!

For whatever reason, that above silly joke would not leave my head from the moment I saw this I couldn't resist layering it over a bright red:

InDecisive Nail Lacquer Newspaper, over Zoya Rekha

The index finger in this picture shows the relative color of the gray glitter the best. :)

Same as with the other two, this is one coat of Newspaper over Zoya Rekha, finished with a coat of Seche Vite. I love that the gray glitter makes the polish just a bit more nuanced, taking the edge slightly off the stark contrast of the white, black, and red. It softens it just a bit, and the variations in the glitter shapes give the polish dynamic energy. In the version you'll find in her store, there is actually one more size of very small black and white glitter in this--the version she sent me was a prototype and she decided to tweak it a bit, so check out her pictures in the store. I think it's wonderful either way. :)

All of these lovely polishes can be found in the InDecisive Nail Lacquer Etsy store, here. They all go for $9.50 for the full-sized bottles and $5.75 for the minis; they are all big-three free and not tested on animals.

Oh, and if you haven't done it already, don't forget to check out the giveaway that Aleksandra is sponsoring with me; she has donated a bottle of a special, limited edition polish made just for my blog. You can find the giveaway by clicking here.

Thanks for taking a look! I'll be back later today with some nail art, and tomorrow with some very intriguing polishes from the InDecisive shop. :)

Much love,

*Okay, this joke works better when you say it out loud than when you see it, because of the red/read thing. But work with me here. And as you probably know, there are many other answers to this joke (such as 'a sunburned penguin'), but 'Newspaper' is the original, from whence all the others spring. :)

(The polishes in this post were sent for my honest review.)


  1. I love all three of those!! Adding to my wishlist asap!! Thank you for the awesome review.

  2. Ha! That joke is the first thing I thought of when I saw the Newspaper polish too! Great minds I tell ya ;) I've been looking for an all black and all white glitter topper for a while now. The white is deceptively hard to find because there is usually pearly glitters or something mixed in. I was going to get the Nubar ones, but I think I'd rather have these :) Thanks for the post! <3

    1. ROFL! I would expect nothing from my polish soul-mate. And I think you're dead on about the white topcoats, I love the true white in this one. :)

  3. Perfect! I love the blue one:)

  4. Wonderful swatches! I love the speckles polishes you shown, especially the Speckled Black one :)

  5. I LOVE the second one!! It is so cute!


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