Saturday, June 29, 2013

Before & After: You can stamp with InDecisive Nail Lacquer's Ichor line!


Omg omg omg, so excited so excited!

Back when I did my review of InDecisive Nail Lacquer's temperature-changing Ichor line, my lovely friend Charis asked me if it was possible to stamp with the polishes, because how cool would it be to have stamping that comes and goes when you're in warm vs. cool temperatures? I said I thought it wouldn't because 2 coats of the polish are recommended...but I was so very wrong!!

To warn you, I was playing around trying this out, so this manicure isn't perfect. First off, my break finally grew out to the point where I could cut it off without taking off part of my fingertip, so I'm in a strange nail place with crazy nubbins (because I can't file the others down any farther than you see because the nail bed on them is too long). And, well...there's cat hair. And some smudging. But I had to share it with you quickly because this is so flippin' fun!!

I was trying out a new polish I just got, Barielle's Green Apple Chew, which is a bright (almost neon but not quite) light-yellowish-green-apple creme:

Barielle Green Apple Chew, direct sunlight

I wanted to do a simple manicure that would be cute on its own when the Ichor didn't show, but I wanted there to be a surprising contrast in the design with the Ichor when it did show. So, I freehanded a white heart (Sally Hansen White On) to be a pretty accent nail against the green, with a nice, sweet happy lovey-dovey sort of feel. Then I stamped Ichor over it using Bundle Monster 316, to give it a different type of feel...

Here is what the mani looks like when the Ichor doesn't show (when your hands are warm; in this case I ran warm water over it, hence the droplets, hee hee):

Ichor is clear when warm

And here is what it looks like when your hands are cold:

Ichor black when cold. :)

How. Cool. Is. That.

If you look back at the first picture, you can see that with the warm water method, the Ichor didn't disappear completely, you can still see it a bit when you look carefully (but you do have to look at it closely--you can't even see it at arm's length). I did this at night, so tomorrow I'll take it out to play in the warm sun, and see if it goes away completely then.

So far I've only tried this with black, but I can't imagine why the other colors wouldn't work as well. The little girl in me that loved to play with invisible ink is so incredibly happy and excited right now, I can't even describe it...:)

Thanks for looking! Hope you are having a wonderful weekend. :)


  1. Its a cool design you were going for. Its something I wouldn't have thought of doing so at least you gave it a try :)

    1. I love that the Ichors do this--I can't wait to try more stuff with them!! :)

  2. Awesome job Michelle!! That's a great mani, I love it!!

    1. Thank you Charis! And thanks for asking me about this. :)

  3. Oh wow that's brilliant! It looks so badass with the barbed wire! Brilliant, I have some colour changers I must try :)

    1. Thank you so much!! I love how it looks all cute and sweet and then when the barbed wire comes out it's suddenly all edgy!

  4. Awesome awesome!! Such an amazing idea!

    1. Although I do have to make sure to credit Charis for suggesting it. :)


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