Monday, June 24, 2013

Inspiration: Chunky Necklace

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I'm super tired tonight, so I apologize that this is gonna be a fast post today (makes up for me talking too much yesterday!). Today I have a manicure that was inspired by one of my favorite necklaces. I'm showing it here with the shirt and shorts I wore it with the day I did this mani:

I love this necklace because it has a variety of shapes and shades of blue and white, so I wanted to capture that on an accent nail. :)

I started with a base of Finger Paints Midnight Sleigh Ride; yes, my platonic-relationship-turned-love-affair with this brand has been continuing to build. :) I stamped using a fun image from Pueen 16 (click here to see my review of that set) that has circles or different sizes with inner concentric circles, and also rectangles. I stamped with Sally Hansen Brisk Blue, and then filled in some of the circles with Sally Hansen Blue-Away. Finally I finished it off with square blue rhinestones:

I love this sort of simple, accented stamping on a single nail to really make a design pop. And look at that pretty subtle shimmer in Midnight Sleigh Ride--pretty, no?

Thanks for looking! Tomorrow I hope to have the next Cheeky jumbo plate review for you. :)

Big hugs,


  1. I love this accent. The circles with that one rectangle, so cool. :D
    Looking forward to the next cheeky plate review. :)

    1. Thank you! I better hurry up and edit it, lol!! :)

  2. Great inspiration for a manicure :) You did a great job on it!

  3. That blue is amazing!! So so pretty!!

    1. FP is definitely winning my heart, slowly but surely...

  4. Beautiful, you did an amazing job x

  5. Lovely! That rhinestone really finishes the look.


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