Monday, October 7, 2013

Review: The Lady Varnishes, part 2

(All polishes in this post were purchased with my own money.)


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Back? Excellent! Because today I have the second half of my The Lady Varnishes review--let's hop right in and look at all the pretties, shall we?

First up today is The Monster. This is a mossy-foresty green polish with the appearance of a green-and-purple-flecked finish, and green and purple micro-glitter:

The Lady Varnishes The Monster, 2 coats, artificial light

This is the first of her polishes that I've tried that doesn't have a heavy glitter focus, and I am very impressed by it. She has managed to get a gorgeous finish with dimension and light; I feel like I'm walking through a dense English forest when I look at this one. The formula and application were excellent--no problems at all. She has named this after Frankenstein's monster and I can see it being a perfect Halloween polish, and I also think it's a beautiful holiday polish, as well. Count on seeing it here again during Christmastime. :)

Next is The Professor, a reddish-brown crelly with purple, gold, and copper glitters:

The Lady Varnishes The Professor, 2 coats, artificial light

The glitters are small and subtle, and work together to add color without being obvious. The colors are bold, but they work together well, and create a polish that has a mysterious feel about it. Although the color profile seems a bit masculine, this is a really sexy, sensuous polish. Formula and application were good, although I found if I was slow I did get some pull from previous strokes, so don't linger too long. The polish evens nicely on the second coat even if you do have some of that, so all is well. :)

I promised you I'd show you what might be my favorite Christmas polish of all time, and here it is: Scandalous Scarlet, from her 'Where's The Boddy?' collection, based on characters from the movie Clue (I also love this movie, and enjoy this whole collection!). Scandalous Scarlet takes the name of the character and mixes it with the color of her glorious gown in the movie, and comes together to make this evergreen crelly with red and green hexes in various sizes:

The Lady Varnishes, Scandalous Scarlet, 3 coats, artificial light

This, my dear friends, is Christmas in a bottle. When I was wearing it, I felt like I had a beautifully decorated holiday wreath on my fingers, or a tree decorated in red and green. If this polish doesn't make you feel festive, give it up, it ain't happening! I plan to wear this on Christmas Eve and Christmas day, with possibly some subtle stamping on the accent nail. If I get my act together, I may even make some jewelry with it to wear at the same time. Formula and application were unexpectedly good, given the large amounts of glitter in this--I didn't have to dab to get good coverage at all. So if you're looking for an awesome polish to help you celebrate the holidays, I highly recommend grabbing this one in case she runs out. :)

So there you have it, my newest acquisitions from The Lady Varnishes. If you don't like any of the ones I've shown you, there are tons more to choose from! Even though I have about 10 bottles of her polish, there are at least another 10 I'd love to have. You can find her Etsy shop by clicking here; her polishes are all in the $8.50-9 range, and of course are vegan friendly. Take a browse through her pages--you won't be sorry. Well, maybe your wallet will. ;-)

Big hugs!

(All polishes in this post were purchased with my own money.)


  1. lol, now that really is a Christmas in a bottle :)
    But of this bunch, The Monster is my fave.

    1. I love that one too. Something about that shade of green. :)

  2. The Professor is SO likey!

  3. When I saw that Christmas like polish and read the name somehow I misread it as "where's the boody/booty?" which would be entirely appropriate for those thoughts on Christmas morning. Guess my mind is on the loot. Gimme gimme gimme.

  4. That last one makes me think Christmas =)

    1. Doesn't it? It's so perfectly amazingly Christmas. :)


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