Thursday, October 24, 2013

Before & After: What all the best-dressed zombies are wearing


Fall fashions are upon us, and one of the most important fashion questions needs to be answered: what does the stylish, fashion-forward zombie wear on her nails when resting up from the pressures of brain-hunting on a lovely romantic zombie date?

Here's the perfect answer. Start with a base of Finger Paints Harvest Hues; this is a deliciously putrid shade of green that will accentuate all of those rotting tones in your skin. Next, add a coat of I <3 Nail Polish So Ghoul, and clear-based topper with pea-soup green, black, purple, and gunmetal gray-purple glitters that will help call attention to your well-earned abrasions and pus pockets:

I <3 Nail Polish So Ghoul over Finger Paints Harvest Hues, artificial light

I myself recently wore this look out to a dinner, and got nothing but compliments from my zombie girls. Unfortunately, I don't ever seem to make it through an evening without spilling something on myself when I'm eating, and tonight was no exception:

What did the zombie say to his date? 

I just love a woman with BRAAIIINS!

So take heed ladies, because that brain matter and spinal fluid stains something fierce, and is just a nightmare to get out!

Stay tuned next time for my tips on which topcoats will hold up best when ripping through flesh and pulling out entrails!


(Stamped with Bunny Nails HD-C, Barry M Silver Foil, and Konad Red.)


  1. ha..ha..ha.. that was hilarious. Loved this post

    1. Hee hee hee...Glad you enjoyed it, I got a kick out of writing it. Tried to put myself in the place of some 50's gossip-slash-fashion column, lol. :)

  2. A woman with braaaaaains indeed. ::grin:: Awesome post.

  3. ROTF It's great to have a ghoulfriend like you!

    1. 1 lil 2 lil 3 lil zombies,
      4 lil 5 lil 6 lil zombies,
      7 lil 8 lil 9 lil zombies,
      10 lil zombie nails!

    2. ROFL!!!! OMG you crack me up so hard...<3


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