Sunday, October 13, 2013

Before & After: Rocky Horror Vampire


Today's theme in the Lacquer Dreams Halloween Challenge is Horror Movies! And I've decided on a manicure that revolves around the move Rocky Horror Picture Show.

Okay, I hear you. You aren't quite sure if this qualifies as a 'Horror Movie'. I see where you're coming from...I can undertand your hesitation. Let's work through this together.

1) It is as much a fixture of Halloween as any other Horror movie.
2) Some of the acting and writing is deliciously Horrific.
3) It's a deconstruction of the Horror genre which takes into account the social norms upon which many horror movies play, and flouts them in a way that is so intelligent it fools you into thinking it's just silly and possible inane at times.
4)  Hey, the word 'Horror' is right in the title! ;-)

There have I convinced you? Or do I have to send Frankenfurter after your husband? Still no? Then all I can say is, Dammit (Janet), just lean back and enjoy the mani!!

I started out with a base of Color Club Berry And Bright, a wonderfully confusing color that is neither fully red nor fully not red--oh, how appropriate:

Color Club Berry & Bright, 2 coats, indirect sunlight

Then I stamped on it first with Bundle Monster 323 and Pure Ice Silver Mercedes (and Konad black on the accent nail); then I stamped with HD01 to add on the vampire mouth:

I forgot to moisturize before I took the shots, so my apologies if the cuticles are a little gnarly. Wait a minute--that's very UN-Rocky Horror, to apologize like that!!! I take it all back!!!!

Hope you enjoyed it...I'm off to do the Time Warp again...

Hugs and lots of toast,


  1. Janet! Brad! Janet! Professor! Rocky! Uh?

    It may not be horror by today's standards, but it was pretty freak-a-licious when it came out...& so are those nails! <3

    1. ROFL!! I love it and I love the traditions that have sprung up around it. I remember watching it when I was fairly young, like 13 or something, and being like...'Whaaaa??'. And then watching it a few years later and going 'Ohhhhh! I see now!!!!' :)

  2. I remember the first time I saw Rocky Horror Picture Show at the midnight movies. I was 17 and very naive. And stunned by the whole experience, but utterly delighted. There were people dressed as their favorite character and they acted out the entire movie at the front of the theater. Color me Tim Curry's fangirl. That movie was so much fun! I came out with rice in my clothes and my purse and damp hair from the rain and all but it was soooo much fun! Next time I went I took newspaper to keep dry and other props. Not a virgin anymore. Ha ha. DO they still do that? Audience participation? FUN.

    1. ROFL! I've never been able to get to a full participation one, where people do the stuff up at the front. But I've been to one where people throw the toast, have the squirt bottles and the newspaper, etc. I think they still do them, but not in as many cities, sadly. :(


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