Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Before & After: Ninja bats!!


Today I'm going batty!

(Michelle, how is that different from any other day?)
(Hush, you.)

That's right, today is the first day of Crumpet Nail Tart's Halloween challenge, and as you can see, the theme for today is black cats or bats:

I'm choosing bats, and that gives me an opportunity to tell you the back-story of my Bat Undies franken, the one I showed you in my Dia De Los Muertos manicure. A while back, I was looking for the perfect gray to wear under 6 Harts Ninja Bat, one that really allowed the shimmer and all the colors of glitter to sing. I didn't have one I like, so I frankend one...and because the topper is called 'Ninja Bat', I came up with the name 'Bat Undies'. Okay, that wasn't the most exciting story, but there you have it, lol. :)

Here is the base polish plus topper:

In my mind, this combination just cried out for some cool bats, both because of the names and because of the colors. So I added some with both Winstonia 116 and Cheeky jumbo plate 6, using Konad Black:

What do you think? Spoooooky? Fun? If you look at them too long, it looks like they're coming...right...for...you..........

Hugs and love!


  1. Fun! :) Cool that they're different sized, it really does give it some "depth".
    And I love the fact that you've gone and created the perfect polish to pair the topper with! :D

  2. That is the perfect undie! Love me a good bat mani :-)

    1. Really, who doesn't? Nobody I want to know...lol. ;-)

  3. Haha, Bat Undies... it is a gorgeous gray though! I love the bats, they are very fun!

  4. Cute mani. I love how you created the dimension and gave them movement and direction. The bat undies polish is a beautiful gray and the polish really pops over it.

    1. Thank you! I never thought before to try two different images to get an effect like that, I'm glad it worked. :)

  5. I love the bats together with those gorgeous glitters!!

  6. Eeeks - something swooshed by my head while reading this...!
    Thanks for sharing the Bat Undies story and a fun design today too.


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