Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Review: Bunny Nails 2013 Halloween collection (HD-C and HD-D)

(The plates in this review were purchased with my own money.)


Get ready for fangirlness--I have the most awesomest Halloween plates ever to show you today. I'm hurrying to get them up so that you have a chance to order them in time for Halloween if you so desire, so excuse me 'cause there will probably be a ton of typos until I get a chance to edit. :)

As you may have noticed ::clears throat guiltily:: I sort of completely adore Halloween. And yesterday I got some of the most awesome nail mail in the history of nail mail when my HD-C and HD-D plates arrived from Bunny Nails. If you think I'm kidding, you can hear it clearly in my greater-than-normal-level-of-geekiness here in this review video:

Let me show you the plates, and then I'll do my gushing at the end...Each plate is rectangular, just under 4 inches X 6 inches, and are shaped like this:

Bunny Nails HD-C

Bunny Nails HD-D

In the shots below, there is some overlapping of images--they don't repeat on the plate.

First let's look at HD-C:

HD-C: Batman-style bats! Kittens and punikens and skulls!!!

HD-C: Trick or treats, and a full nail jack-o-lantern image that is to die for...and a devil's fork!

HD-C: Amazing texture image good for many, many types of manicures

HD-C: Ghosties and more varied jack-o-lanterns

HD-C: Collage full-nail image and cool spiders!!

HD-C: Cemeteries and zombie arms, what more can a ghoul ask?

HD-C: Zombie images!!! Full zombie images!!! ::faints with excitement::

HD-C: The most awesome skeleton ever. and a beautiful Dia De Los Muertos image...and let's not forget those blood/puss splat images!

HD-C: Voodoo doll! Cauldron!! And creepy-cute preppy vampire!
HD-C: Those devil imps just make me smile

HD-C: A close up of this because it bears repeating

HD-C: Same for this one--because I can and I want to, lol

HD-C: Check out this web! It's HUGE!! Big enough to have it continue over all of your nails...sigh...

And now for some HD-D action:

HD-D: That full nail jack-o-lantern image is so spookily cool...And check out that sassy werewolf!

HD-D: different types of ghosts to suit any taste...and cats! Cats! Catttsss!!!

HD-D: That creepy tree is one of my all-time favorite images, Halloween or no. I bet with a little alteration you could also use it to make Ents...

HD-D: All of the different jack-o-lantern faces gives so much flexibility and fun possibilities

HD-D: Bones!!!!!!

HD-D: That pile-o-skeletons image rocks with a capital awesome

HD-D: Skulls...Ravens...Death...

HD-D: Sugar skulls!!! 

HD-D: More Dia De Los Muertos folk art images...I'm so happy right now...

HD-D: Little trick or treater guys!!!!

Seriously, I cannot begin to tell you how happy these plates make me. Here's why.

First, I like that she covers a couple of different style issues. She has scary, spooky stuff, but also more fun-style images that would be suitable for your kindergartener's school party. BUT, even the images that are kid friendly aren't sickeningly sweet cutesy style--it's a great blend of being not-too-spooky, but not over the silly cutesy edge, either. So no matter what you're looking for, you'll be able to do it with these plates. In the mood for some fun ghosts and bats? Got 'em. In the mood for some scary ghosts and bats? Got them, too.

I love the novelty on these plates. I don't have images of full-body zombies, and I don't have very much devil stuff. And that's not even mentioning the cool Dia De Los Muertos stuff.

I love the variety on these plates. Not just one spider, but a bunch of different spiders. If you're like me, you don't want to have to stamp the same spider on every nail, and this plate gives you options. Tons of different jack-o-lanterns and jack-o-lantern faces. And enough size equity and variability to allow you to build whatever you're looking to build.

I love that these plates include some HUGE images. Not just the full-nail images, although they are astoundingly large-take a look at a comparison with a standard konad plate:

HD-C vs. Konad

HD-D vs. Konad

Not just those, but several of what I'm going to call the 'sprawling' multi-nail images as well. What do I mean by that? Well, the spider web is big enough that you can get 5 clear stamps in a row out of it, and create the look of one unified web sprawling all the way over your fingers. Of course, you don't have to use it that way; you can just use what part/parts you like. But that option is amazing. Same thing with the huge dancing skeleton, and the other large images. I don't know who started this trend--I've also seen it on MoYou--but I love it. I think it is awakening a whole new dimension to the type of art you can do with nail stamping.

One last thing I'll mention before getting this post up. If you have the set of octagonal holiday plates she put out last year, you might be thinking that there are some duplicates between those and these plate. But this is a bit deceptive. There are only a few images that I can find that are exactly the same--the others are all different in some way (I show this in the video). In some cases it's size--the vampire mouth on this plate is about half the size of the one on the previous set. In some cases they're mirror images--four of the five zombie hands on this plate are mirror images of the ones on last years' plates; here's what I mean:

Notice how the zombie hands are mirror-images of each other; the row of tombstones above them is one of the few actual dupes between the sets. 

In my opinion, this is like having a very versatile bonus for owning both sets--now I can do pair of left/right hands together if I want to, and believe me, I want to. But even if you count all of those as 'dupes', still about 2/3rds of the images on these plates are new. :)

So, the most important thing, where to buy. You can find these plates in her shop by clicking here. At the time of this posting, they are $16.99 each, and can be purchased separately. While I cannot speak for her, I believe there is still time to get these by Halloween, if you live in the US. This is a guess based on my own math--she says she normally ships in 1-2 days and it normally takes 3-5 days for the plates to arrive at destinations in the US.

Oh, and--she ships internationally! You won't get them in time for this Halloween most likely, but nonetheless. We can all use some skeletons on our nails, no matter what time of year it is. Am I right?? ;-)

Okay, apologies again for any typos, I want to get this up for you asap! By tomorrow I should have any errors fixed. Let me know if you find one! :)

Halloween hugs and zombie bites!

(The plates in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. Yeah, you've dropped a few hints about your fascination over Halloween ;D

    These plates aren't all that appealing to me (though I do like your fangirlism, lol), but look at that dancing skeleton - isn't it just so fabulous?!! :))

    1. Oh good, I was afraid I'd been too subtle--NOT! lol. Yes, that dancing skeleton might just be one of my favorite things on earth...sigh...

  2. Such a great mix of cute and scary! These are going straight to the want list!

    1. Yes!! And I love her version of 'cute'. Cute, but doesn't give me diabetes, lol! :)

  3. Great review! Bought the HD-C plate.

  4. I have the little plate I bought off ebay just for the raven, I ended up using the graveyard and the bats more, it's a great plate. I had no idea about the new plates and while they look tempting I don't think I'll be doing that much halloween stamping.

    1. That's okay...I'll do enough for both of us, lol. :) And yes, that plate you have, I love that one, too. :)

  5. hahha thats the sickest nail plate Ive seen, LOVE IT >.< Great buy!!

    1. Right!! Sick in every possible way...muah hah haaaahhhh...

  6. Can't wait to see these on your nails <3

  7. Squeee much? The large size of the full nail images is understandable if you've seen Bunny's nails! I can only dream about having talons like hers.

    Yes...I just bought these 2 plates (plus A & B) & it's all your fault as usual. ROTFWMPLOL
    I'm so glad you don't do drug reviews. <3

    1. ROFL!! Maybe just a leeeettle squeeing here and there...>.>...and oh my yes, Bunny Nails' nails are off the hook! I'd never be able to function, I break my nails after about 1/4 of an inch, lol. And, guess I'd better not do my expose on the hidden uses of bath salts...=P <3

    2. I drool over her nails! I was afraid to do anything when I grew my nails to 1" last year. Once they reach 3/4" from cuticle to tip its only a matter of time before one of them snaps at the nail line. Ouch!

      I want to know how peeps avoid drowning while snorting salts in the bathtub?

    3. Excellent question...scuba gear??

    4. Hmmm...a snorkel could be doable. Would Lemon Verbena or Lavender produce a better high or should one look for a designer fragrance?

    5. Hmm...Hard to say. I just know you don't want to go overboard or you'll end up biting off a policeman's face. And that's really not cool.

  8. Awesome review!! And sassy werewolf? That made me LMAO :D
    If it weren't for your good eye, I'd never have noticed those mirror image zombie hands ;)

    1. Hee hee...Sassy werewolves are da best! And thank you, I'm glad it helped! :)


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