Monday, May 14, 2012

China Glaze Bohemian Collection


Here's another upcoming collection that I'm incredibly excited about. I've mentioned several times how much I love duochromes, and China Glaze has decided to give us a whole collection of them; promotional pictures are below.

Here is the overall display, which refers to them as 'luster chrome':

Unpredictable; Rare and Radiant; Swanky Silk

No Plain Jane; Want My Bawdy; Deviantly Daring.

All of these look amazing to me. My least favorite would probably be 'Want My Bawdy', because it doesn't look very duochrome-y, however, it's definitely a gorgeous blue. My favorites are 'Rare and Radiant', and 'No Plain Jane'; I can't wait to see how well those two look on my nails. Swanky Silk reminds me a bit of one of my Revlon classics, 'Mocha Mirage' from the long-gone Color Illusion collection, but it looks like the colors are a little lighter.

This is such a feminine, romantic collection, perfect for long walks on the beach and picnics in the park, while wearing long, flowing skirts. Luckily we'll have it for part of summer (release is July 2012), but I can't help but hoping they put it out a little sooner. :)

Thank you for taking a look,



  1. Have you heard any more information about this collection? I'd love to see it - and I can't find it anywhere!

    1. Hi there! I haven't heard anything official, but Transdesign changed their status on this a few days ago to say 'available middle of July'. Then, today, they took down the 'coming soon' picture, which suggests to me that they might be putting up the collection very, very soon...*taps foot impatiently*...:)


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