Thursday, May 10, 2012

TOTD: Finger Paints Art of Theft and Barielle Starchild (Or, Baby You're A Supernova)


Today I have a pedicure for you...I'm not a big fan of feet or toes, and I'm still on the fence about whether or not I will have pedicures on my blog. But I love how this little experiment came out so much that I had to share it...So please forgive me for the fact that my feet are not the nicest things to look at (especially when I recently had a blister on my big toe)!

This pedicure was inspired by a pedicure and a manicure done by one of my nail art heroes, Soguesswhat11 (a.k.a. Gina). She not only does beautiful things with polish, she also has a gift for explaining what she does in a way that makes it accessible to those of us who are not artistically accomplished (she has a channel on YouTube under that name; you can find her tutorials here). She featured the manicure I'm referring to, along with instructions, in a guest blog post that you can see here, or if you just want to see a picture of the manicure, you can find it on Pinterest here.

In her original, she used two beautiful holos and some creative stamping. I wanted to have a similar overall look and sparkle, but with a slightly different twist. Also, I didn't have a blue holo that would work for the sparkle, and I decided that some holographic glitter might work well instead, and throw some extra stars in the mix, too. Here are the pictures of the pedicure I did; after the pictures I'll list what I did and used:

(I stamped a little further to the right on the nail than I meant to  >.< . I'm not sure why the big star is a bit blurry on the tips--I think it must be starting to supernova...heeheehee)

This one shows a bit of the holographic sparkle of the glitter. In real life, every time you move even a little, this glitter goes nuts!

Here's some dark, indoor light..

And finally, a slightly blurry indoor shot to again try to show off the rainbow sparkling of the glitter. Pictures do not begin to capture it, but this gives you an idea. :)

I started with one coat of Finger Paints' Art of Theft; in retrospect, I think two might have been better, because it was a little patchy in the direct sunlight. Then, I stamped the stars and the moon using China Glaze's Metallic Muse, and Salon Express plate SE-21. After that, I applied a layer of Barielle's Starchild over the rest of the exposed blue; if you've never seen it, Starchild is an amazing silver holographic glitter in a clear base, with different sizes and shapes of glitter. It catches the light and reflects rainbows back at every angle and is just crazy sparkly and fun to look at. If I had to choose only one silvery glitter polish to have in my collection, first I'd consider suicide, but then I'd pull myself together and I'd go for this one, without a doubt (it's inexpensive at $3.60, too). I finished the whole thing up with a coat of Seche Vite for extra shine.

I am so happy with this look, especially as a pedicure. The holographic glitter gives it enough sparkle that it actually looks a bit like a night sky when you look down at your toes, because of the distance. It really makes me feel like I'm wearing a little universe on my toes. Thanks Gina for the inspiration!

And thanks to you all for looking. :)


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