Thursday, May 3, 2012

Color FAIL, Bundle Monster SAVE


Here is a manicure I created to save a color that didn't really work well for me.

I was very excited to try out a new color I got on sale a while back, Rimmel's Steel Gray. It's a lovely color, but just doesn't look quite right on my skin, or at least, not by itself. After I polished my nails, it just didn't wow me, and I felt it needed something. So, I decided to do some stamping on it, and pull out the purple in the color at the same time. Here is what I came up with:

This was done very quickly as I didn't have much time, but I ended up loving it. I used Sally Hansen's Purple Pronto to stamp with Bundle Monster plate BM-201. I liked the design before I stamped with it, but once I saw it on, I absolutely fell in love with it. It's so elegant, but I can see it being playful, too, if used with neons or bright summer colors. This is definitely going to be an favorite of mine.

I also loved the color on me once it was paired with the purple; somehow the accent color changed the way it looked with my skin and gave the whole thing a much more pretty feel. I bow to the transformative power of nail stamping!!

Oh, and I put some crystals on the top of accent nail (which I also stamped a little lower, to put the accent on that nail).

Thanks for looking...Hope you like. :)



  1. How the heck do you get those lines even? Is it a stamp? airbrush? stencil? Very cool, and classy.Aunty D.

  2. It's a stamp. Super super easy (or else I couldn't do it, no ability to draw or paint, lol)! Thanks for taking a look and leaving a comment. Love you! :)


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