Wednesday, May 30, 2012

NOTD Before & After: Color Club Metamorphosis (Or, Accidental chip disguise!)


Today I have a story of redemption...::wipes tears from eyes::

I made the sad, sad mistake of forgetting to wrap my nails when I painted them with Color Club's Metamorphosis. A while back I reviewed this color as part of the new Color Club Take Wing collection, and I love it; the whole collection is gorgeous glass-fleck-finish goodness and this one is one of my favorites. Here is the before picture:

However, because of my sorry application, the color chipped in less than a day. I was out running errands when I realized it, and of course did not have my bottle to cover it. And it was a pretty big, pretty yucky chip.

Well, just before, I had been in Ulta and had purchased a polish I'd been lusting after, OPI's Pirouette My Whistle. I looked at it and is actually the perfect camouflage polish for a chip. Take a look:

Sure, it's still there if you look for it. Especially you experienced polish-istas. But if you weren't looking for it? If you didn't know it was there to start with? You'd never know. It certainly doesn't jump out at you anymore. So, I think I'll be buying a back-up bottle to keep in my purse so that if I ever need to (on the way to something), I can quickly go over my mani and hide my chips with a little bling.

Oh, and I almost forgot to mention--I love this way this looks, especially as an accent nail. The glitter doesn't show up too much in this picture, but it's there, subtly. This would go extremely well over almost any other color, but I think it looks spring-y and fun over this sparkly teal. :)

Thanks for looking!



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