Friday, November 16, 2012

Indie-Licious Dupe Or No Dupe: Sizzling Hot vs. Bazinga!


Welcome to the very first Indie edition of Dupe Or No Dupe! I thought I'd take a break from fall and winter colors here to bring you a comparison based on one of my favorite color combinations. :)

For some reason, I love me some yellow-red-orange together. Doesn't matter which is the base and which is added, I just love them all combined. So, I recently bought two glitters that contained red and yellow, perfect for putting over orange polishes.  I can try to play like I meant to do it, thought they were different, yada yada. But the fact is, I bought one, forgot I had purchased it, and bought the other one. And when they showed up and looked alike, I thought to myself...'Now, that wasn't too bright. But the upside is, it makes perfect content for a Dupe Or No Dupe post!'

That's me--always finding ways to make lemonade out of stupid.

But enough about me. Here are the two polishes in question, Lush Lacquer's Sizzling Hot (on the left), and Different Dimension's Bazinga! (on the right):

Lush Lacquer Sizzling Hot vs. Different Dimension Bazinga! in the bottles

Both polishes are clear-based, and have yellow and red-orange hex glitters of different sizes, from micro glitter to medium. Both are densely packed and yummy. In the bottle, Bazinga! seems to have a bit more contrast between the colors, with a bright yellow and deep red, while Sizzling Hot seems to have more complementary orange and yellow shades. Also, Bazinga! seems to have a few more of the larger hexes. Let's see how this shows on the nail.

To test them out, I layered them other Misa Sisterhood:

Misa Sisterhood
Here they are layered over the base polish:

I applied both of these without any futzing--the glitters went where they went--and they both applied with similar ease. Sizzling Hot is on my index and ring fingers, while Bazinga! is on my middle and pinkie fingers.

So what do you think? I say No Dupe, but man, awfully close. The deeper red in Bazinga! does come out, and the difference in hexes showed up a bit even with my non-careful application. But, I'm not sure it's different enough to justify buying both; they both give similar effects. The difference might show up more if I'd put them over another color, say white--if you'd like me to try this let me know and I'll be happy to do it.

In the meantime, I think either of these pretty gems will make you happy. Lush Lacquer charges $8.75 for full-sized polishes, and Different Dimension charges $8.50, so the price difference is minimal. And both shops have holiday polishes out now that are worth looking at. You can visit Lush Lacquer's Etsy shop by clicking here,  and you can visit Different Dimension's Etsy shop by clicking here.

Thanks for reading! :)




  1. Great comparison post!
    I wouldn't have noticed a difference if you hadn't pointed it out.

    1. Thanks so much! Yes, the differences are extremely subtle. I'm trying to tell myself I have to gift one of them to someone, but I don't think I'd ever be able to choose between them. Yes, I need professional help, lol...

  2. DARN close!! Wow! and I love a good orange mani :0) I think we All need professional help, lol!

    1. It's true...but if loving an orange mani makes me wrong, I don't want to be right! lol :)

  3. should try white and black, thatd be awesome. :) thank you for this, they are beautiful.

  4. I love the sunset color glitters, too. The one I actually bought is called Sunset; I believe it's by Black Cat Lacquer. It looks fabulous over white.
    My favorite part of this post: "That's me--always finding ways to make lemonade out of stupid." I think that sums up my entire personality! LOL


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