Saturday, November 10, 2012

Review: Magno Nails Plate M


Today I have a stunning stamping plate to show you.

For a long time I've been eyeing the gorgeous plates over on the Magno Nails site. I'm in love with their designs, but was hesitant to take the risk of buying from an overseas company I didn't know much about. What if the quality was bad, would I be able to exchange or return it without it costing an arm and a leg? What about having something shipped that far, how would the company deal with it if something went wrong? But finally I couldn't stand the plate-lust anymore, and I took the plunge, and ordered two plates.

I'm really glad I did! Not only are the plates of top notch quality, but it was just silly of me to worry about buying from them. As it turns out, the *United States* post office lost my package, and when I wrote to Magno Nails to figure out what had gone wrong, the owner went to her German post office *that* day and filed a complaint. I don't know what all exactly happened, but they found my package and I got it two days later. She was on top of thing, she was very polite, and she even sent me a free gift to apologize for the problem! Amazing. I wish all companies had customer service like that.

Of course, what's most important is the quality of the plates, and these are top-notch. The etching quality matches the best I've seen in Konad, MASH, and elsewhere, and the plates stamp like a dream. And the designs...the designs are different from most of what I've seen before, and that's what made me lust after them in the first place. I have them here in still shots, and have a video I made of the plate if you prefer to see it that way; you can find it by clicking here. On with the images!:

I love the ones on the bottom left here; and how about those seaweed looking ones!

Love those leafy vines at the bottom right

Such pretty flowers...

Love the honeycombs!!

Snowflakes and diamonds!

Circles of circles...

For the cow lovers out there :)

I love those trees!!

The size of these images is very useable, even if you have longer/wider nails. Here I have a sneek peek of the other plate I bought, with a standard Konad plate. You can see that these images are a fair amount wider and longer. So if you struggle a bit with the size of some other brands, these should work better for you:

To sum up, these plates are excellent quality and stamp like a dream. The exact price changes a bit depending on the exact exchange rate, but when I bought mine they were right around $20 per XL plate. They also have some smaller plates in their stamping section, too. With such a quality product and such incredible customer service, I'll definitely be buying from them again.

I hope this was helpful for you! Thanks for looking. :)


(The plates in this review were paid for with my own money.)


  1. How did you view the site in English?

    1. I use Google Chrome as my browser, when I go to the site there is a bar up at the top of my browser that says 'Translate to English?' and I hit yes. :)

  2. Beautiful designs - I love me some full nail stamps (sneaky shortcut to a WOW! effect)!


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