Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dupe Or No Dupe: Revlon Royal vs. China Glaze Manhunt


Welcome to the second installment of Dupe Or No Dupe! Today I'm going to compare Revlon Royal to China Glaze's Man Hunt, which just released in the 'On Safari' collection.

First, let's look at them in the bottle:

Revlon Royal vs. China Glaze Man Hunt in the shade

...and in the sun.

Hmm. Okay, so maybe they aren't as different as I seemed to think they were when I first saw Man Hunt on my nails. Especially in the sunlight picture, they seem to be fairly different. Memory can be a tricky thing...but let's look at them on the nail:

Revlon Royal Vs. China Glaze Man Hunt in the shade

Revlon Royal vs. China Glaze Man Hunt in the sun

Okay, now things get a little murkier. In both of these pictures, I have two coats of Revlon Royal on my index and ring finger, and two coats of China Glaze Man Hunt on my middle and pinkie fingers. While these two are not identical, they are certainly very, very similar. In fact, in the shade, while they are still different, the difference is very small.

So Dupe Or No Dupe? No dupe, but still similar enough that you can certainly get by with just one or the other.  In terms of formula, I found the China Glaze to be a little bit smoother and easier to work with, but not significantly so (and I've had my Royal for a while now, so that might factor in, too). So if you're looking for something to drop off of your shopping list, this might help you do it. And of course, if you want a reason to justify having both, you now have that, too. :)

I hope this was helpful! Thanks for reading.



  1. These are both gorgeous polishes! I think I would justify having them both because the China Glaze is a bite brighter. ; )

    I nominated you for the "Por Tu Naturalidad Award" (translates to mean for being natural and putting enjoyment before competitiveness) detail linked here...

    1. I agree about the polishes! I'm glad I have them both. Of course, I'm a polish addict, lol! >.<

      Thank you so much for the award, that means a lot! *hugs* My priority is definitely to enjoy my blog and hope others do, too. I don't see much enjoyment in competitiveness. :)

  2. both are very pretty blues!

    1. Blue is rapidly coming up on my list of favorite colors...:)


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