Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Indie-licious Review: Polished Components


Today I have an indie brand to review...Polished Components. I've been wanting to try out her stuff for a while now, and finally had the chance to grab some. Ah, the stuff you can justify to yourself during the holiday season, hee hee hee...

First is Future, a pretty flakie topper that I've been eyeing for a while. It has blue and grey flakies that can look light lilac-y purple in certain lights Here I have one generous coat over two different colors, first Barry M Silver Foil, and second Revlon No So Blueberry:

Polished Components Future over Barry M Silver Foil

Polished Components Future over Barry M Silver Foil

Polished Components Future over Revlon Not So Blueberry

Polished Components Future over Revlon Not So Blueberry

I've never seen anything else like this. Future is not your mama's flakie--it has a bit of edge and a lot of fun.

Next  is The Green Fairy. This is a light apple-green shimmer-jelly with matching green flakies in it. It's named after the fairy in Moulin Rouge which is a symbol for absinthe, and I just love that name for this. These flakies don't hit you over the head; they're subtle, so if you like subtle, this is the flakie for you. :) I have three coats on in these pictures (plus topcoat); this was opaque inside, but when I went outside there was some VNL as you can see, and if you're worried about that, four coats would be better:

Polished Components  The Green Fairy

Polished Components The Green Fairy

With light bringing out the frosty shimmer a bit more

I wanted to see what this would look like over undies, so I put China Glaze Holly-Day on all nails except my accent, and put Running In Circles on the accent nail, then put two coats of The Green Fairy over it. The individual flakes show up a bit more over the darker polish, but not really over Running In Circles, but that may be because that's a sparkly polish already, lol:

The Green Fairy over undies

Next up is Mattress Mambo, another name I love! This was a leap-of-faith polish for me--I wasn't sure how it was going to look in real life on me, I was afraid it might be a bit too dark. Turns out, I absolutely love it. It's a black crelly-type polish with a ton of red and purple flakies in it. This polish made me want to scream because it was so hard to take a picture of! I did the best I could here, but the flakes are even prettier in person. As a flakie fanatic, it's not surprising I fell head-over-heels for this one. This is three coats plus topcoat: 

Polished Components Mattress Mambo

Oh, yeah, mambo the night away...::swings hips::

The last polish I have to show you is a different type--no flakies...but that's okay, 'cause it has micro-glitter. :) It's called Psyche, and it's a matte-ish type of finish in a dark electric blue--with teensy pink micro-glitter. I have three coats of it here, but it would have been fine with two, and I didn't use a topcoat so you could see the finish, which I think is really beautiful:

Polished Components Psyche

And the sun decided to come out, how pretty is that color in the sun!!

This is a really unique, complex polish, although I wasn't sure about that when I saw it in the bottle. Between the beautiful shade of blue, the unique matte-ish finish, and the pink glitter, this has enough going on to be really interesting but not overwhelming. I love it, and I can't wait to wear it again.

Overall, I really like these polishes. The formulas were good; some of them took a little attention, but nothing that was problematic. While I like my polishes to cover opaque in two coats, for specialty polishes like flakies, that's an unrealistic expectation, so it didn't bother me that it took three coats for The Green Fairy and Mattress Mambo to get to opacity. Most of all, I think all of these are unique, special polishes that give oomph without being over-the-top. They're fun and pretty, and I'll definitely be buying more from this maker in the future. :)

You can find the Polished Components Etsy shop by clicking here. Her full-sized polishes are $8.75, and she has a wide range of polish types in her stop, something for everyone. :)

Thanks for taking a look!


(These polishes were purchased with my own money, except for Psyche, which was sent for an honest review.)

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