Thursday, December 27, 2012

Review: Gals Fairy set of stamping plates by Cheeky


Today I have a review for you of the new Gals Fairy set of stamping plates by Cheeky. :)

I'll be showing you stills of the plates and reviewing them here; if you'd prefer to see them in video form, you can see the video I did by clicking here. :)

There are 25 plates in this set. So let me get right to it and show you the stills; I'll talk more after that:

Plate GA26

Plate GA27

Plate GA28

Plate GA29

Plate GA30

Plate GA31

Plate GA32

Plate GA33

Plate GA34

Plate GA35

Plate GA36

Plate GA37

Plate GA38

Plate GA39

Plate GA40

Plate GA41

Plate GA42

Plate GA43

Plate GA44

Plate GA45

Plate GA46

Plate GA47

Plate GA48

Plate GA49

Plate GA50

So what do I think of the set? I really like it, in fact, I like it better than the summer set Cheeky released. I think the variety of designs is good, with some elegant images, some whimsical images, and some basic images. If you like your plates a little more on the 'cutesy' side, take a look at the Princess set, you might like that more. I found this set more appealing to my personal taste. :)

In terms of quality, these plates are top notch. In the video I show a test of the plates, and I've already done several manicures with them; you can see an image from GA35 by clicking here, and an image from GA33 by clicking here. I also have several more manicures with images from these plates coming up, so stay tuned for that.

In terms of size, these are a titch bigger than Konad, but not as big as the plates like Drikk or LeaLac, so if you have longer or wider nails than average, you may have issues with them, and should keep that in mind. They did make the full-nail images with a half-moon shape at the bottom so you can adapt them that way if you like, to fit longer nails.

I'm really happy with these plates and the price is certainly right at $14.99 (at the time of this posting). I got my set from Amazon (click here); if you're a Prime member, you can currently get these with free two-day shipping.

Thanks for looking!


(The products in this review were purchased with my own money.)


  1. I haven't tried Drikk or LeaLaC plates, are these the same size as the Cheeky summer collection plates?

    1. No, they are HUGE. If you want to see a comparison to standard Konad size, I took some comparison shots of Drikk A here:

      And of LeaLaC plate B here:

      Hope that helps!

  2. Cool, will have to take a look at this set when I get back home. I see some interesting ones here.


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